What can I do to protect myself before divorce?

This is a great question. Often I meet with individuals who are going through difficult times with their spouse but are unsure or are not ready to seek divorce. Many of those individuals ask what they can do to protect themselves. It, of course, depends on their individual circumstances. However there are things people can do to protect themselves or even "prepare" themselves for the inevitable. These protective measures may include:

1) Pay off debts;

2) Prepare your home for sale;

3) Attend Counseling;

4) Secure more stable employment;

5) Downsize your life (and your monthly expenses);

6) Promote full-time employment for your spouse;

7) Adjust your availability for your children;

8) Collect copies of financial statements and other important papers.

Of course there are more things one can do depending on their circumstances. Having an understanding of those circumstances would assist me in determining a more specific pre-divorce strategy and protective measures.

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