Questionnaire to assess your case

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1) Your Name:

2) Your Spouse's Name:

3) Your address:

4) Your Spouse's address:

5) If children, please state names and dates of birth:

6) Your date and place (city) of marriage:

7) Your place of employment:

8) Your position of employment:

9) Your hourly rate of pay, or salary. Your last 3 years gross income (check on your w-2/taxes)

10) Your spouse's place of employment:

11) Your spouse's position at employment:

12) Your spouse's rate of pay or salary. His or her last 3 years gross income:

13) If you are a home owner, state the year your home was purchased, the purchase price, the present loan balance and the present estimated value:

14) What vehicles do you own/lease?

15) What is the approximate total of your debts?

16) Describe your retirement: 401k? IRA? traditional pension?

17) Have you received any inheritances or significant financial gifts during the marriage?

18) Have you and your spouse discussed dissolution of marriage or divorce?

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