My Wife does not work outside of the home. Will this affect spousal support/alimony?

Whenever a spouse stays out of the work force, the employed spouse will be effected in a divorce. Married couples typically agree that one will stay home to run the household and tend after children. This inevitably affects the non-employed spouse's career and vocational development. The Court would likely consider this when determining the amount and duration of spousal support (alimony).

However, your attorney's strategy in handling a non-employed spouse should reflect the circumstances. For example, if you have been married for 12 years and your children are in full-time school, your 36 year old spouse can re-tool his or her vocational skills and enter into the workforce within a short span of time. Your attorney's strategy would be much different if your marriage is for 32 years and your spouse has been out of the workforce for decades.