My wife caught me cheating...she is threatening to take my kids. Can she?

This is a common threat. Do not panic and do not fall for it. First, most married individuals do not commence extra-marital relationships "cheating" when marriages are healthy. I.e., there was likely a mutual destruction of the relationship long before either party strays. It's unfortunate but it happens. If you feel you can save your marriage with counseling (that is, if you feel you and your spouse can move past your indiscretion without it being used as a weapon in the future) then go for it. However, a spouse threatening to destroy your relationship with your children because of your act generally means a future of further misery and unhappiness.

As stated previously, threatening to "take the kids" is an empty threat. When determining parental rights and responsibilities (#custody #sharedparenting) Ohio Courts are mandated to review and weigh the best interest factors set forth in ORC 3109.04(F)(1) & (2) Not one of those factors is "did any parent commit adultery?" To put it clearly, the Court understands that people are flawed and marriages fall apart long before adultery occurs. Courts will not take your kids away for this.

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