My Husband seems to know where I am or what I am texting/emailing others is he doing this?

If you are going through marital difficulties or a divorce and your spouse appears to have a crystal ball, it is likely that he or she is conducting a surveillance campaign against you. How? It's easy. With the "Cloud" and bundled family plans for cell phone services, spouses are becoming clever by viewing stored messages that may be saved. Further, it is often easy to link up iphone texts with other Apple devices such as iPad's and Apple computers, i.e., your texts may be linked and duplicated on your child's iPad. The popular Family360 app has also made it easy to see where the whole family is.

There are more dark and devious ways spouses keep tabs on one another. For example, car tracking devices like LoJack can be hidden in places you would never think of searching. In addition (and likely illegally depending on the ownership of the phone plan) a spouse can use surveillance applications like mSpy which enable the user to see their spouse's social media messaging, iphone messaging, texts, emails etc. All that is needed is access to either the phone itself or simply the spouse's iCloud to download the app or softward. The spying spouse can monitor the spied upon spouse's activity all day on his or her phone.

What can you do to protect yourself? There are a number of ways, including hiring a computer/internet specialist to assist you in cleaning your devices of problematic apps or malware. These experts may also tell you to regularly change your passwords, make passwords that are nearly impossible to discover, obtain your own phone plan independent of your family, disable linking between Apple Devices, delete messages etc. If you believe that your car (or anywhere else) is bugged, use your WIFI finding application on your phone to determine if there is a device transmitting information. Ultimately it is best to hire an internet computer specialist.

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