My Husband has a girlfriend...can I keep my kids away her?

Divorce is an emotionally charged, life-altering event. It is stressful enough when spouses are simply not getting along. Adding the element of a new significant other can make things worse. Most Courts will tell parents to keep the children away from new significant others during the divorce process. This helps children digest the fact that their parents are separating and helps avoid confusion.

Having said the above, it is not always reality. It may be tacky, it may be disrespectful and it may be annoying, but divorcing spouses often start "dating" again during the divorce process. And if parties are already living in separate residences, they will inevitably have the new person around the children of the marriage. Unfortunately, absent an actual Court Order to the contrary or absent that person being an actual danger to children (violent criminal record, sex-offenders, drug addicts), there will be little that can be done.

However, the involvement of children with a new significant other "during the divorce" could be frowned upon by the Court or a Court appointed Guardian Ad Litem. You should make your displeasure known by text or email to your spouse and see how he or she responds.

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