Is Shared Parenting 50/50?

No. That is a myth and misconception. A 50/50 parenting schedule has nothing to do with the concept of "Shared Parenting." Shared parenting is the concept that both parents continue, after divorce, as full custodial parents. Think about it this way, because you are married and have children, no one questions you if you go to your child's school to take them to the doctors. Why? Because you are married, the child is of the marriage and the law presumes you to be the child's parent. Once you are divorced, however, the school and the doctor may ask you, "do you have shared parenting?" or "are you the custodial parent?" The rights under shared parenting permits you the continued right to provide the care needed by your child. Does this mean that a non-custodial parent (one that does not have shared parenting) cannot take a child out of school and to the doctors? No, but the custodial parent may have the upper hand in that decision.

A 50/50 parenting schedule is simply that, a calendar parties may establish to share time with their children. This schedule is not mandatory or even preferred by Courts. In fact, many Courts will refuse to order a 50/50 schedule if it is not agreed upon.

An experienced divorce attorney will draft an appropriate parenting plan to meet your and your children's needs.

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