If I do not change my will after divorce, will my ex-wife receive my assets?

No. Divorce typically terminates your spouse's rights to claim against your estate or receive assets under your Will. In fact, your spouse is considered to have died before you. This means if your Will names your spouse and then your children as beneficiaries in the event your spouse is deceased, the law already presumes your spouse died.

However, you should make an appointment with your estate attorney after your divorce to update your will as well as beneficiaries on assets such as life insurance and other assets. This should give you peace of mind that your estate documents (Will, Trusts etc.) accurately reflect your wishes and do not cause potential confusion to your true beneficiaries. For more information about Wills, Trusts and other Estate Planning matters, please check out https://www.omdplaw.com/practice-areas/estate-planning-probate/ for more information.


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