Getting Divorce Advice During the CoronaVirus Shutdown.

Many of you may be thinking "Good Lord, how do I see an attorney during the Corona Virus Shutdown?", and "I will never be able to see my lawyer to review documents and seek advice." My response? You can consult, meet, and review documents with your attorney through various forms of technology, including ZoomRoom, Skype and other computer platform technology. Put simply, the CoronaVirus does not have to put an end to moving forward with a Divorce or Dissolution of Marriage. To be frank, CoronaVirus may expedite the desire to terminate a marriage.

However, I would be kidding myself (and my readers) if I did not mention that CoronaVirus may cause many people to choose the less adversarial and more amicable Dissolution of Marriage process over the Divorce process. Why?

1. Negotiating and drafting Dissolution of Marriage paperwork can occur using the above technology;

2. Attorneys and parties can voluntarily exchange documents via email or drop-box;

3. The Dissolution Process does not require parties to attend endless Court conferences or hearings;

4. Once a full Dissolution Agreement has been negotiated, the parties can sign their agreements and operate under their agreements pending final Dissolution of Marriage hearings (although the agreements are not fully enforceable until a judge grants the Dissolution;)

5. The Dissolution process will save considerable financial resources in comparison to a drawn out and contested divorce.

In sum, if you are contemplating terminating your marriage, the CoronaVirus does not have to slow or stop the process. Today's technology will allow you to safely meet with your attorney through video-conferencing and phone calls. Documents can be reviewed and discussed over the internet. And once you have successfully negotiated a Dissolution of Marriage, your attorney can promptly process your joint petition as the Courts permit.

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