Do your homework! It will save you money...

There is nothing more helpful for your divorce attorney if you do your homework. Doing your own homework not only helps your attorney determine what your assets and debts are, but it also helps reduce your attorney fees.

If you are consulting with me, you will want to bring to me the following:

-your tax returns for the past 3 years

-your mortgage balance (last statement)

-your most recent credit card and other loan statements

-your most recent paystub (if you are working)

-your spouse's most recent paystub

-your and your spouse's retirement, 401k, IRA etc. statements

-a list of all bank accounts

-a list of all credit cards and balances

-any pre-nuptial/ante-nuptial agreement

-your life insurance statements

-your car titles

-any business documents

-any financial statements

-documents regarding your health insurance (card)

-a list of all real estate beyond your home

-documents regarding any other asset you have

-documents which prove any inheritance or gift received during the marriage

-documents which prove any premarital asset which still exists or which was used to purchase marital property

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