CoronaVirus or not, your divorce, dissolution, custody case goes on.

Ohio has just (on 3/22/2020) issued its "Shelter in Place" Order (see

This means we are generally restricted to our homes, apartments and dwellings with exception to essential activities. Your legal matter, whether it is a Divorce, Dissolution, Custody, Visitation, Child Support etc.) still moves forward and still may be considered an essential activity by the State of Ohio. Though Court hearings are limited to emergency temporary custody, domestic violence, civil protection orders and ex parte hearings (through at least April 6, 2020) your family law attorney can and should continue meeting with you (remotely via skype, zoomroom, telephone), drafting motions, conducting discovery, negotiating settlements and drafting final agreements.

I have successfully moved all of my existing client's physical files to my home office and have electronic (NetDocs) cloud access to all files as well. With zoomroom, I can have consultations, meet with clients, and review documents with my clients as if they are physically in my office. Put simply, your family law matter should not be put on hold because of this shutdown. I am fully capable of conducting your business and adding new clients in my "sheltered place." In essence, I am fully open for business and probably have even more bandwidth to handle your legal needs.

Please feel free to contact me at 440-213-3184 (my cell), 440-930-4001 (my office line) or Stay safe and well!