CoronaVirus "Shelter-in-Place" Order: What happens to my custody/visitation order?

The State of Ohio's "Shelter-in-Place" order permits Essential Travel (Page 7/8 of 12) under certain circumstances. This includes "Travel required by ...court order, including to transport children pursuant to a custody agreement." (as well as visitation orders and shared parenting plan parenting time.)

Despite this, I would hope that parents have the ability to communicate about this issue and agree on whether it is safe or healthy to exchange children during the quarantine period. With Skype, facetime etc., perhaps its best to visit electronically. That decision would have to be a mutually agreed upon decision. It would be best that any change in a visitation/custody/shared parenting arrangement be in writing (text or email) demonstrating the agreement. If you agree that visitation will not occur, you may want to discuss up front whether there will be any "make-up" visitation. This too should be in the written communication.

If you and your former spouse or other parent cannot come to an agreement, contact an experienced family law practitioner and they can assist you in creating a "temporary" agreement.

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