Cheating... my Husband gave his girlfriend gifts and took her on vacation...does it matter?

In short, yes. In general, being #unfaithful or #cheating does not mean the Court will give the innocent spouse extra funds or marital property. However, if a spouse is spending lavishly on his or her girlfriend or boyfriend (lawyers like to call paramours) the Court could require the #cheating spouse to pay back to the "marital pot" the amount of money spent. for example. If your Husband took his girlfriend to Key West and spent $4,000.00 on hotels and flights, the Court could not only require that Husband pay back $4,000.00 from his own share of marital funds into the pot for division, the Court could also, depending on the timing of the trip in relation to the divorce, order him to pay more. I.e., if the Court finds "financial misconduct."

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